Restored Gustav Becker Alarm Clock

Restored Gustav Becker Alarm Clock

The German clock manufacturer Gustav Becker made the clock in about 1863, as referenced to the clock serial number. The clock’s case was adorned with brass castings and columns.  The 30-hour movement’s alarm contained a large bell on the inside of the back brass cover, which had a band of hearts on its perimeter. The back cover also contained a manufacturer’s logo of an anchor topped with a crown and the letters ‘GB”.  The words “Gesetzl-Geschutzt” (German patent) are stamped on the back.  The clock had two attached winding keys on the back, and an alarm-setting lever on the dial.

Condition before restoration

The clock exhibited a lot of wear and neglect.  The wooden case’s finish was mostly gone and oxidizes.  All brass castings were in place and in good condition; the top floral finial was slightly bent.  Most of the movement’s bushings were badly worn and the clock would not run, the pin-pallet escapement showed some wear and was repairable.

Restoration completed

All brass castings were polished and lacquered and reattached.  The wooden case was sanded to remove the oxidized surface and expose the true wood grain; it was finished with shellac, and rubbed with paste waxed.  The movement was disassembled, cleaned, worn bushings replaced, adjusted and tested.  The end result was a delightful antique alarm clock that was used for several years on the owner’s nightstand.