Restoration of a 300-year old LOUIS XIV style clock This clock was found in an antique shop in Forney Texas. The Boulle brass and tortoise shell marquetry was in a very bad state of repair and just begging for someone to save it from further deteriorate. Click here for complete story. Restoration of a Gustav Becker Alarm Clock This German alarm clock was purchased from Arlington Book Store in 1990, […]

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In this section you can learn about the history of time and clocks including human-interest stories. This section is under development and as new subjects are written they will be added, so please check back from time to time for new articles. A Brief History of Clocks and Time Keeping in Texas Prior to Texas becoming a state, it was a vast undeveloped frontier controlled by the French and Spanish. […]

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There are certain tasks listed below that clock owners can preform to ensure proper running and time keeping of their clock, of course there are always clock repairmen willing to do these tasks for a fee.

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Clock Repair Courses are available from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) For students wanting to learn how to maintain their own clock collection. 1.  The Field Suitcase Workshop Program offers a comprehensive program of clock courses where the instructors will travel to your location in the USA or Canada to teach classes.  For details of the program visit: 2. Chapter 124 of the NAWCC located […]

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